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Our Riverdale podcast, Dial M For Maple, is back for the show's lovely tribute to Luke Perry

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No matter how zany the last season of Riverdale got, it was always under the somber shadow of the sudden and untimely passing of Luke Perry. Perry’s performance as Fred Andrews was like a constant warm hug, which made him the true beating heart of Riverdale. Respectfully, the show proceeded as planned with season three, taking its time to craft a proper goodbye to the actor who felt like a father to the entire cast. Which brings us to “In Memoriam,’ Riverdale’s fourth season premiere that doubles as a loving ode to Luke Perry, written by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. As is tradition, our podcast Dial M For Maple returns with the season to recap the moving episode and to say goodbye to Perry. Plus, hosts Marah and Cameron piece together clues from the summer about what’s in store for the gang this year, and Cameron shares a story about his momentary brush with Lili Reinhart.

If you’re a Riverdale fan, you’ll definitely want to give Dial M For Maple a listen. You can subscribe here, and can even drop us a review over on Apple Podcasts. As always, we’re taking comments and questions on Twitter, so just hit up @DialMForMaple, and we’ll see it.

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