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Noburo Mori

Who he is: Noburo Mori

His power: Noburo Mori has no superpowers but holds considerable political power as Japan’s minister of justice.


His story: Noburo Mori appears in The Wolverine as one of the many disappointing men in Mariko Yashida’s life. Noburo is Mariko’s fiancé, but he’s far more interested in her family’s fortune than he is in any sort of romantic relationship. He helps Mariko’s father set up various attempts on her life after they learn that she’ll be inheriting the vast Yashida fortune, and suffers the wrath of the Wolverine when Mariko is eventually captured. Logan interrupts Noburo’s sexy time with two women he is definitely not engaged to and tosses him off his balcony after learning about his alliance with Mariko’s father. But luckily for Noburo, there’s a pool stories below that saves his life.

Played by: Brian Tee

Currently, Noburo Mori is: His current status is unknown in the new timeline created by X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but he’s probably in Japan, doing something hypocritical like paying for law school by working for the Yakuza.

Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Noburo Mori to show up in any future X-films.

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