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Karen Gillan as Nebula in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Who she is: Nebula

Her power: Her alien physique grants her superior strength, toughness, and agility compared to most humans. She also possesses a cybernetic healing ability that allows her to quickly restore herself to health after most injuries.


Her story: In Guardians Of The Galaxy, Nebula is introduced as one of Thanos’ two adopted daughters (along with Gamora). Both of them were taken by Thanos when he destroyed their home worlds, and Nebula was experimented on and modified cybernetically by Thanos to her present condition. Gamora and Nebula express a visceral dislike for one another, and after Gamora fails to retrieve the Infinity Stone for Thanos, Nebula joins Ronan to capture it, eventually blasting Gamora’s craft to take it and leaving her for dead. However, when Ronan claims the orb for himself and betrays Thanos, Nebula stays with him, hoping Ronan will kill Thanos for what he did to her. During the Guardians and Ravagers’ assault on Ronan’s ship, Nebula fights Gamora and eventually chooses to sever her own hand and plunge from the ship rather than join her sister, landing on a Ravager ship and stealing it to fly away from the battle.

Nebula returns in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, given to the Guardians by the Sovereign in exchange for protecting their batteries. However, instead of returning her to Xandar to collect the bounty on Thanos’ daughter, a Sovereign attack forces the heroes into hiding with Ego the Living Planet. When the Ravagers arrive to take the Guardians captive, Nebula sides with the men who mutiny, taking out Yondu’s crest and earning herself a new hand and ship in exchange for her assistance. She confronts Gamora, and the two sisters eventually reconcile, because this is still a Marvel movie made by Disney, after all.

Played by: Karen Gillan

Currently, Nebula is: Traveling through space, on a mission to kill Thanos.

Where will we see her next? Avengers: Infinity War, coming in 2018.


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