Who he is: Multiple Man, a.k.a. James Madrox

His power: Multiple Man can create duplicates of himself.

His story: James Madrox is a bank robber who joins Magneto’s brotherhood in X-Men: The Last Stand after the mutant leader frees him from imprisonment. Multiple Man gets one big moment when he creates a mob of duplicates to deceive the U.S. government during its ambush on the brotherhood’s forest base, but the movie never reveals what happens to him afterward. He can make copies of himself and has a smarmy attitude, but that’s about all the development his character gets.


Played by: Eric Dane

Currently, Multiple Man is: His status is unknown in the new timeline created by X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and even if it were known, his duplicates give him the opportunity to be in many different places at once.


Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Multiple Man to appear in any upcoming X-sequels, but he could show up in a more heroic role given his association with the X-Men in the comics.