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Mr. Miracle and Big Barda jump into the horror in this DCeased exclusive

All images: DC Comics

Tom Taylor has a talent for finding the fun in superhero dystopias. His Injustice and Injustice 2 tie-in comics took the bleak foundation of the video games and built exciting stories with a sense of humor, taking advantage of the freedom of the new continuity to take creative risks. He follows a similar formula in the DCeased miniseries, although he can now push the twists even further because he’s playing in his own alternate universe. In the world of DCeased, Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation comes to Earth and spreads through technology, infecting anyone who looks at a screen. DC’s greatest heroes are now flesh-eating monsters, and a small faction of survivors is trying to find a cure before all hope is lost. But it’s fun!

This week’s DCeased: A Good Day To Die one-shot features an unofficial Justice League International reunion as Mr. Miracle and Big Barda pair up with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, reviving a team dynamic that was defined by comedy. Of course, that comedy is all very dark, like the deadpan moment in this preview when Mr. Terrific responds to Captain Boomerang’s zombie groan with his own contemplative sigh. Featuring art by Laura Braga, inkers Richard Friend and Trevor Scott, colorist Rain Beredo, and letterer Saida Temofonte, A Good Day To Die, this exclusive excerpt starts huge cosmic spectacle, then zeroes in on a tender interaction between spouses to emotionally anchor the story. This one-shot also features Darick Robertson drawing some delightful John Constantine scenes, bringing a layer of heavily inked grit to the artwork as the focus shifts from space gods to street magicians.


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