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Morbius unleashes the raging beast within in this exclusive preview

All images: Marvel Comics

Morbius, the living vampire, is getting his own solo superhero movie starring Jared Leto next year, so naturally Marvel has given the character a new ongoing series to capitalize on a potential boost in popularity. Written by Vita Ayala with art by Marcelo Ferreira, inkers Roberto Poggi and Scott Hanna, colorist Dono Sánchez-Almara, and letterer Clayton Cowles, Morbius leans into the anti-hero’s horror roots, telling a story of scientific hubris that makes the vampire even more monstrous. In an industry dominated by straight white men, it’s refreshing to see a black, queer, nonbinary writer offering their take on a superhero character, and Ayala’s skill with writing morally conflicted figures (see: Valiant’s Livewire) enriches Michael Morbius’ character and intensifies the tragedy of the series.

In a classic horror twist, Morbius’ attempt to cure his vampiric illness has only made him more feral and violent, turning him into an even bigger threat. This exclusive preview of next week’s Morbius #2 shows this devastating transformation, breaking down Morbius’ transition from pain to fear to fury. Ferreira’s artwork has a dance-like specificity in Morbius’ body language, curling up and contorting as the drug sinks in, with the opening panel using Morbius’ cape to enhance a feeling of isolation while also reflecting the chaos that is raging inside. The inks shroud everything in deep shadows, and Sánchez-Almara’s colors add emphasis to specific moments, like the sudden rush of pale pink and purple when Morbius opens his fridge full of blood bags. This team has a very strong handle on horror storytelling, and these new developments for Morbius promise no shortage of scares to come.


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