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Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur gain a Fantastic rival in this exclusive preview

All images: Marvel Comics

Lunella “Moon Girl” Lafayette has gradually developed a strong relationship with the Fantastic Four over the years, at one point becoming an unofficial member of the team with her giant dinosaur companion when Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman disappeared. This relationship is a smart way to link a newer hero to one of Marvel’s greatest legacies, and it continues to grow in next week’s Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #46, which sees Lunella encountering Reed Richards for the first time since his return from the fringes of the Multiverse. For almost four years, this title has consistently delivered heartfelt, exciting, and sweet stories about a headstrong young girl who won’t let anyone stop her from realizing her potential. Writer Brandon Montclare uses the larger Marvel universe to illuminate new facets of Lunella’s personality, and with Mr. Fantastic, Lunella gains a formidable mental sparring partner.

This exclusive preview of Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #46 sets up an antagonistic dynastic as Lunella catches Reed Richards’ stretchy eyeball snooping on her lab, leading to some delightful physical comedy. Alitha E. Martinez is a great fill-in for regular artist Natacha Bustos, maintaining an expressive, animated look that is brimming with youthful energy. Martinez has a lot of fun playing with Mr. Fantastic’s elasticity in these pages, amplifying the cartoonish exaggeration as Lunella tugs at his eyeball and drags his entire body into the lab. Tamra Bonvillain’s colors are the glue that binds all of this book’s different artists, and the palette of vibrant pinks and purples accentuates the playful tone as Lunella and Devil Dinosaur treat their uninvited guest like a piece of taffy. 


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