Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Release date: November 20, 2015

The story: Traumatized by months under the power of the superpowered mind controller known as Kilgrave—who she now believes to be dead—super strong and invulnerable private investigator Jessica Jones attempts to solve cases and keep herself in whiskey and rent. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that Kilgrave is still alive and is using his powers to control and manipulate the people around Jones, including her best friend and adopted sister, Trish Walker. Meanwhile, Jones becomes romantically involved with Luke Cage, another man with superpowers, whose wife she killed while under Kilgrave’s control. Hoping to save a young woman who faces life in prison after Kilgrave forced her to murder her parents, Jones reluctantly begins working with Trish and Will Simpson—an unstable New York cop who was once part of a Super Soldier experiment by shady corporation IGH—to capture him. Jones eventually learns that she is now immune to Kilgrave’s control and that he is in love with her because of it; she also discovers his parents, who accidentally gifted him with his abilities while attempting to cure a childhood brain disease. Kilgrave eventually escapes, killing his mother, forcing his father to enhance his powers, and siccing Cage on Jones. Jones eventually overcomes both Cage’s attack and Kilgrave’s control and snaps the latter’s neck in order to save Walker’s life.


Who appears:

Jessica Jones
Jeri Hogarth
Trish Walker
Luke Cage
Claire Temple

Noteworthy events: First appearance by both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The MCU’s first female-driven project. Plus: the MCU’s first sex scene between two people with superpowers!