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Marvel's Daredevil
Marvel's Daredevil

Release date:
Season one—April 10, 2015
Season two—March 18, 2016

The story: Matt Murdock, the son of a struggling boxer in Hell’s Kitchen, was blinded by a splash of chemicals when he was a kid. Thankfully, his other senses were heightened to a superhuman level, and after extensive training from a blind martial arts master and a few years at law school, he returns to New York both as a lawyer and a mask-wearing vigilante. By day, he and the rest of the Nelson & Murdock law firm try to use the legal system to take down criminal kingpin Wilson Fisk. At night, he becomes the “Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen” and tries to take down Fisk with his bare hands (and billy clubs). They eventually stop Fisk, but in his wake an evil group of assassins called The Hand rises up to try and take Hell’s Kitchen for some nefarious, possibly mystical purpose. Meanwhile, another vigilante named Frank Castle (a.k.a. The Punisher) begins a bloody quest for vengeance, raising questions about the morality of Matt Murdock’s own mission. Matt’s ex-girlfriend Elektra, a highly skilled assassin in her own right, arrives in the city to help defeat The Hand, but she is eventually killed in a fight—though her death may not be as permanent as you’d expect.


Who appears:

Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Wilson Fisk
The Hand
The Punisher
Claire Temple


Noteworthy events:

After a particularly vicious beating that ends with him bleeding to death in a dumpster, Daredevil is found and patched up by a nurse named Claire Temple. She becomes one of his closest allies, and her appreciation for his superhero cause eventually brings her into the orbit of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist—better known as The Defenders.

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