Who she is: Martha Wayne, née Kane

Her power: No superpowers, but she was a well-known and extremely wealthy philanthropist, and a loving mother. Also, her name is Martha, which can go a long way in the DC Cinematic Universe.


Her story: Like her eventual husband, Martha Kane was the scion of one of Gotham City’s wealthiest families. Once she met young surgeon Thomas Wayne, the two quickly pledged to join forces to use their collective wealth to alleviate some of the worst of Gotham’s social ills—and eventually, to raise their son, Bruce. Those happy days came to an end, though, when Thomas was murdered in front of Martha’s eyes by a mugger that accosted the family in the city’s notorious Park Row (as depicted in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice). Martha attempted to protect her son, but the mugger heartlessly gunned her down as well, shattering her pearl necklace and sending Bruce running for his life.

Years later, the fact that she shared a first name with Superman’s mother, Martha Kent, would be a key factor in defusing the feud between her son and the Man Of Steel.


Played by: Lauren Cohan

Currently, Martha Wayne is: Dead and buried, only to be dug up whenever it’s time to revisit the Batman origin story for the billionth or so time.


Where will we see her next? Batman stories tend to do Thomas flashbacks more often than ones focusing on Martha. But we wouldn’t be surprised if she popped up in the solo Batman film.