Diane Lane as Martha Kent in Man Of Steel

Who she is: Martha Kent

Her power: Has a good head on her shoulders, but no superpowers.

Her story: One-half of the childless Kent couple, Martha Kent is with her husband, Jonathan, when they stumble across the baby Kal-El’s crashed escape pod in Man Of Steel. Raising the boy as the son they’ve named Clark, Martha and Jonathan provide care and comfort to him as he grows, through the death of her husband and well into adulthood. In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Lex Luthor kidnaps Martha, using her as a tool to force her son—now dubbed “Superman” by the world—to fight the Batman. The vigilante is eventually convinced to rescue her instead of continuing his war with Clark, and Martha is present at Superman’s private funeral after his death at Doomsday’s hands.


Played by: Diane Lane

Currently, Martha Kent is: Living in Smallville, Kansas, grieving her husband and adopted son.

Where will we see her next? Lane has already filmed her scenes for Justice League.