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Who she is: Margaret “Maggie” Lang

Her power: No superpowers.

Her story: We meet Maggie Lang only fleetingly in Ant-Man, introduced during the birthday party for Cassie, her daughter with Scott Lang. She warns Scott not to come around, telling him she’ll reconsider visitation rights once he proves capable of getting and keeping a steady job and an apartment. Instead, she finds her home the unwelcome site of an attack by Darren Cross, the Yellowjacket, during the film’s climax. After Scott saves the day, it’s revealed she, her boyfriend Jim Paxton, and Scott are now on good terms, and that she’s permitted an ant—the one that got hit by Scott’s weapon and transformed into the size of a large dog—to remain in the home as a pet for Cassie.


Played by: Judy Greer

Currently, Maggie Lang is: Living happily at home with Jim and Cassie.

Where will we see her next? The only chance is in Ant-Man And The Wasp, coming July 6, 2018.

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