Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man Of Steel

Who she is: Lois Lane

Her power: No superpowers, but Lois is a dedicated, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, with experience covering stories in war zones and the far corners of the Earth.


Her story: Discovered sleuthing around the Arctic, hunting for aliens in Man Of Steel, Lois Lane is the first non-Kansas-based human to discover Clark Kent’s extraterrestrial origins. Intrigued by the superpowered man who saves her from an automated Kryptonian drone, Lane eventually agrees to scrap the story of the century to protect Clark’s anonymity. That doesn’t stop the government from interrogating her about their relationship, though, or General Zod and his cronies from using her as leverage against Kal-El. Eventually, the plucky reporter helps him save the day, dubbing him “Superman” in the process, and welcomes him to the staff of the Daily Planet.

By the time Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice comes around, the two have settled into their relationship—and Lois’ role as a perennial kidnapping victim, getting snatched first by African terrorists, and later by Lex Luthor. She eventually brokers a truce between Batman and Superman, before watching her superpowered boyfriend die at the hands of the monstrous Doomsday. When last we see her, she’s at his funeral, accepting an unused engagement ring from an equally mourning Martha Kent.


Played by: Amy Adams

Currently, Lois Lane is: Grieving and typing.

Where will we see her next? Justice League.