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Logan (2017)


Release date: March 3, 2017

The story: Set in a 2029 in which mutant children are no longer being born, Logan sees its titular X-Man dying a slow death driving a limo in the American Southwest, his legendary healing factor finally beginning to abandon him thanks to the adamantium lacing his bones. Working with Caliban, he cares for an ailing Professor X, whose dementia and seizures cause him to periodically release lethal bursts of psychic force. (It’s implied that a similar incident led to the deaths of most of the X-Men a year before.) Logan is shaken out of his apathetic, suicidal spiral by a woman who asks him to transport a young girl named Laura—a clone of himself, code-named X-23—to a safe haven in North Dakota. Pursued cross-country by Donald Pierce, Laura’s creator Dr. Zander Rice, and X-24 (a fully grown clone of Wolverine), Caliban, Xavier, and Logan are all eventually killed, but not before Laura can strike down the last of their pursuers and lead herself and a number of other lab-created mutant children to safety.

Who appears:

Charles Xavier/Professor X
Donald Pierce
Dr. Zander Rice


Noteworthy events: Professor X and Wolverine die, with both Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman saying it’s the last time they’ll be playing the characters. How’s that for noteworthy?

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