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Image: FX
Image: FX

Premiere date: February 8, 2017

The story: A young man named David Haller, having been convinced that he’s insane, spends his days in an asylum trying to ignore the voices in his head and the yellow-eyed creature only he can see. One day, he meets a fellow patient named Syd Barrett who doesn’t like to be touched, and the two quickly begin dating. When David finds out that Syd is being released, though, he rushes in to say goodbye and accidentally touches her, causing the two of them to switch bodies. It turns out that both Syd and David are actually mutants (with David possibly being the most powerful mutant ever), and a mysterious organization pulls both David and Syd out of the asylum so they can help in a coming war against a different mysterious organization called Division 3.


Eventually, with the help of his new Summerland friends, David discovers that the yellow-eyed creature is actually Amahl Farouk—a.k.a. The Shadow King—a powerful and evil mutant who feeds on psychic energy. Thanks to some weird and complicated mutant shenanigans, David is eventually able to force Farouk out of his brain so he can live a peaceful and happy life with Syd. Unfortunately, that lasts for about five minutes before David is captured by some kind of flying sphere.

Who appears:

David Haller
Sydney Barrett

Noteworthy events: Legion didn’t dip into David’s backstory much, but there was a big hint that the show is retaining his origin from the comics—which is to say that Charles Xavier just might be his real dad.

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