Ken Leung as Kid Omega in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Who he is: Kid Omega

His power: Kid Omega can protrude and retract quills from his skin.

His story: Like Callisto and the rest of the Omegas that join Magneto’s Brotherhood, Kid Omega doesn’t have much in the way of character development. He has quills that give him a cool visual and a general intensity that suggests some sort of traumatic past that hardened him to the world, but with so many characters in X-Men: The Last Stand, there’s no time to give him more depth (which is a pity given the immense talent of Ken Leung). He serves one major narrative purpose as the killer of Dr. Kavita Rao when he gives her a deadly hug, but he pays for his sin when he’s disintegrated by The Phoenix.


Played by: Ken Leung

Currently, Kid Omega is: The timeline changes caused by X-Men: Days Of Future Past make Kid Omega’s status unknown, but he’s probably just starting to manifest his mutant powers in the new continuity.


Where will we see him next? Kid Omega isn’t slated to make any future appearances, but he’s available if anyone needs an assassination by hug.