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Kayla Silverfox

Who she is: Kayla Silverfox

Her power: Kayla Silverfox has the ability to control the mind of anyone she touches, although Wolverine and Sabretooth’s healing factors make them immune.


Her story: Kayla Silverfox is the woman who tamed the Wolverine. At some point after his brief time with Major William Stryker’s crackpot team of mutant mercenaries, James Howlett started going by the name Logan and met Kayla, starting a quiet, happy life with her in the Canadian wilderness. She’s responsible for Logan taking on the Wolverine name thanks to a legend she tells him shortly before her apparent death at the hands of Victor Creed, but unlike the moon and the wolverine in her story, Kayla and Logan’s separation is only temporary. She’s working with Stryker because he’s holding her sister hostage, and she faked her death so Wolverine would volunteer for Stryker’s Weapon X program. Wolverine helps Kayla free her sister and Stryker’s other mutant captives, and for a while it looks like Kayla won’t be subjected to the tragic fate that meets so many superhero girlfriends. Nope. She gets shot by a sniper during the escape, and dies after deciding not to kill Stryker, which would have saved the X-Men a lot of trouble in the future. The twist to Kayla’s fridging is that it happens right when Logan takes a bullet to the skull and loses his memory, so her death is even more pointless because Wolverine doesn’t remember who she is.

Played by: Lynn Collins

Currently, Kayla Silverfox is: She could very well be alive in the new timeline created by X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but the new continuity has already passed Logan’s pre-Weapon X period. The revised origin of Wolverine is currently unknown, but maybe he and Kayla still found each other before he got his skeleton turned to metal and became all feral.

Where will we see her next? Given that she didn’t show up for Logan, probably never.

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