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Who she is: Katana, a.k.a. Tatsu Yamashiro

Her power: She’s a ninja warrior with a samurai sword that possesses the power to trap souls of its victims. You know, nothing fancy.


His story: Katana is introduced in Suicide Squad as the team is en route to its mission to take on the Enchantress. She’s casually mentioned by Rick Flag as being his partner, and joins the team, albeit with minimal conversation, save to order some whiskey and help kick some ass. She’s given almost no character development or explanation, so outside of saying she helps bring down Enchantress and her brother, there’s not much to tell.

Played by: Karen Fukuhara

Currently, Katana is: Probably battling evildoers with Rick Flag.

Where will we see her next? The Suicide Squad sequel, most likely.

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