Doctor Strange

Who he is: Kaecilius

His power: The same magical powers as everyone trained to be a Master Of The Mystic Arts, as well as the bonus powers granted to him by his connection to the Dark Dimension. He can manipulate gravity, throw magical shards, and he has a real knack for deadpan humor.


His story: As seen in Doctor Strange, Kaecilius came to the Ancient One in hopes of learning more about the supposed inevitability of death. He eventually became frustrated with the Ancient One’s teachings after realizing she was using powers from the Dark Dimension that he had been told were forbidden. He created a splinter group of sorcerers that sought to bring Dormammu out of the Dark Dimension and into their own, assuming that he would grant them ultimate power in return. He killed the Ancient One when she tried to stop him, but Stephen Strange, Karl Mordo, and Wong were eventually able to thwart his schemes and trap him in the Dark Dimension with Dormammu.

Played by: Mads Mikkelsen

Currently, Kaecilius is: Stuck in the Dark Dimension, apparently transformed into Dormammu’s mindless slave.


Where will we see him next? If we do, he probably won’t be the Kaecilius we used to know.