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Justin Hammer

Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2

Who he is: Justin Hammer

His power: No superpowers, but the man can dance.

His story: Justin Hammer’s sole appearance in the MCU thus far is Iron Man 2, where he’s shown to be a billionaire weapons manufacturer and rival of Tony Stark. Stark exposes Hammer’s failure to create an equivalent Iron Man suit during Senate hearings, but Hammer attempts to get revenge by springing Ivan Vanko from prison after the Russian manages to injure Iron Man during a fight in Monaco. Hammer recruits Vanko to make him Iron Man suits, but Vanko instead creates an assemblage of robotic metal soldiers that he unleashes during Hammer’s presentation at the Stark Expo. As a result of his dealings with Vanko, Hammer is arrested.


Played by: Sam Rockwell

Currently, Justin Hammer is: Doing hard time in Seagate prison, as shown in the Marvel short “All Hail The King.”

Where will we see him next? Unknown.

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