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In the Mom On Pop podcast, Bonney Teti—mother of A.V. Club senior editor John Teti—shares her unfiltered thoughts on the pop culture of the day.

Mad Max: Fury Road may have delighted Mom earlier this summer, but she’s immune to the genetically engineered charms of the season’s latest blockbuster, Jurassic World. Mom just can’t shake the feeling that she’s seen a better version of this movie before, and since dino disasters fail to excite us, we detour into a discussion of theater etiquette.


The mood is altogether more cheerful for our discussion of Showtime’s Inside Comedy, as the show’s laid-back interviews with comedy luminaries win praise from both Mom and me. Plus: We pick the winner of our “embarrassing parent stories” listener contest, and Mom squeezes in an impromptu review of FX’s The Comedians, because she apparently hadn’t given out enough “F” grades for one day.

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