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Man Of Steel

Who he is: Jor-El

His power: A brilliant scientific mind and an evidently unique level of foresight, both of which allowed him to save his son before Krypton exploded.


His story: Jor-El has only appeared in Man Of Steel, and though his early life wasn’t explored much, we know that he lived on Krypton and at some point he befriended a young General Zod and married Lara Lor-Van. As the planet’s foremost scientist, Jor-El was one of the few people who recognized that Krypton was dying planet and that its people needed to find some solution to save their lives. However, as supposedly enlightened as Krypton was, very few people actually heeded his warning and the only person Jor-El was able to save before the planet exploded was his young son, Kal-El. Many years later, a holographic Jor-El artificial intelligence spoke to a now-adult Kal-El about his heritage and helped tell Lois Lane how to stop General Zod—who had survived Krypton’s explosion due to being imprisoned in the Phantom Zone—from killing everyone on Earth. After that, Zod destroyed the Jor-El hologram and any other exposition it could’ve provided Superman with.

Played by: Russell Crowe

Currently, Jor-El is: Dead, his corpse floating among the stars with the rest of Krypton.

Where will we see him next? We probably won’t, barring a dream sequence.

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