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Jonathan Kent

Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel

Who he is: Jonathan Kent

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His power: No superpowers, other than an outrageous disregard for his own life.

His story: Jonathan Kent has appeared in both Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, though it was only as a memory/hallucination in the latter film. He is the adopted father of Kal-El, who he found as a baby when his spaceship crashed into the Kent family’s cornfield. He and Martha Kent named the baby Clark and raised him to hide his superpowers from the world, even if it meant refusing to help people in danger. The awfulness of this lesson was underlined when the family was caught in a tornado. After realizing the family dog was left in a car, Jonathan refused to allow Clark to use his powers to save it. Instead, he tried to do it himself, dying in the process as he literally waved his son off. Many years later, Superman had a vision of Jonathan reminding him of how great his mother is.


Played by: Kevin Costner

Currently, Jonathan Kent is: Dead and buried in Smallville Cemetery.

Where will we see him next? We probably won’t, unless he comes to Superman in another dream sequence—which is entirely possible.

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