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Jim Paxton

Bobby Cannavale as Jm Paxton in Ant-Man

Who he is: Officer James “Jim” Paxton

His power: A badge, a taser, and a healthy helping of paternal protectiveness, but no superpowers.


His story: Jim Paxton appears in Ant-Man, and, as both a cop, and the man now dating Maggie Lang, he doesn’t immediately hit it off with Maggie’s ex-con ex-husband Scott Lang. The feeling is fairly mutual, though, which comes through when Scott is arrested and held at Jim’s precinct for breaking into Hank Pym’s house in an attempt to return the Ant-Man suit. Once Scott escapes, Jim desperately searches for him, attempts to arrest Hank Pym for impersonating a lawyer, and later succeeds in recapturing Scott after Pym Technologies explodes. However, Scott frees himself from Jim’s cop car after the radio reveals that Yellowjacket has taken Maggie and Scott’s daughter, Cassie, hostage. After Ant-Man defeats Yellowjacket and saves his daughter, Paxton lets him go free—but not before tasering him one last time.

Played by: Bobby Cannavale

Currently, Jim Paxton is: Still with Maggie and Cassie.

Where will we see him next? Ant-Man And The Wasp, coming July 6, 2018.

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