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Jim Gordon

Photo: Zack Snyder

Who he is: James “Jim” Gordon, Gotham City police commissioner

His power: No superpowers beyond those of your average high-ranking police official, in addition to unlimited access to the Gotham City Police Department roof and any enormous spotlights that may or may not be there.


His story: Jim Gordon has yet to make his debut, but based on nearly every other Batman story ever, he’s most likely Gotham City’s police commissioner and one of Batman’s strongest allies. He most likely has a mustache, holds a deep respect for Batman’s mission even though it is often at odds with normal police work, and he may or may not have a couple of kids.

Played by: J.K. Simmons

Currently, Jim Gordon is: Getting super ripped and waiting to make his debut.

Where will we see him next? In Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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