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Jeri Hogarth

Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth in Marvel's Jessica Jones

Who she is: Jeri Hogarth, high-priced lawyer at Hogarth, Chao And Benowitz

Her power: No superpowers other than the various legal powers traditionally afforded to attorneys.


Her story: As seen in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Jeri Hogarth is a big-time lawyer at a big-time Manhattan law firm. She has a wife who is far too trusting and patient, and she often uses Jessica Jones as a private investigator for her law firm. When Jessica convinced her to take the case of a girl named Hope Shlottman, Hogarth found herself suddenly in the orbit of Kilgrave, a villain with mind-control powers.

Ever the pragmatist, Hogarth later realized that she could use Kilgrave’s powers to force her wife—who had recently discovered that Hogarth was cheating on her—to sign divorce papers, which Kilgrave agreed to do in exchange for Hogarth helping him escape from Jessica. Once he had evaded capture, though, Kilgrave told Hogarth’s wife to kill her, and she would’ve succeeded if Hogarth’s new girlfriend hadn’t come in and stopped her.

Later, after Jessica Jones had stopped Kilgrave by snapping his neck, Hogarth defended her and kept her from going to prison. Recognizing the sudden uptick in superpowered vigilantes around New York, Hogarth decided to hire a man with some experience in that field: Foggy Nelson.

Hogarth played a significant role in helping Danny Rand a.k.a Iron Fist get his company back—or rather, the 51% majority. She helped herself in helping him, of course, as Rand Industries now has her firm on retainer.


Played by: Carrie-Anne Moss

Currently, Jeri is: Still working in her law firm.

Where will we see her next? She’ll appear in The Defenders.


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