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Jason Aaron and Esad Ribić end an era in this King Thor #1 exclusive

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For the past seven years, Jason Aaron has been giving a master class in superhero fantasy in his Thor run, a story that functions as both a comprehensive character study and a war epic that spans all of space and time. Aaron has built this sprawling narrative across multiple ongoings and miniseries with regular tie-ins to larger Marvel events, building to a grand climax that put Thor at the center of his own crossover with War Of The Realms. Last week’s Thor #16 wrapped up the tale of present-day Thor with a heartwarming series finale highlighting the thunder god’s new sense of responsibility as the king of Asgard, but Aaron isn’t done yet. He reunites with his original Thor: God Of Thunder collaborators—artist Esad Ribić, colorist Ive Svorcina, and letterer Joe Sabino—for King Thor, a four-part miniseries that follows the grizzled elder Thor as he faces off against his trickster god brother, Loki, one last time.

And what a battle it is. This exclusive preview of next week’s King Thor #1 has Thor and Loki the All-Butcher pummeling each other in the burning ruin of Asgard, and it immediately establishes huge stakes for this miniseries. Having consumed the power of an entire world, Loki is stronger than ever before, giving the creative team the opportunity to push the action to titanic proportions. Just last month, Ribić graced us with astounding painted artwork in the Conan The Barbarian: Exodus one-shot, and he switches gears to deliver explosive cosmic action with his return to the world of Thor. Svorcina’s adds heat to Ribić’s artwork, and the visuals fully capture the scope of this godly showdown. This creative team knows how to create a thrilling Thor story, and King Thor promises to be one for the ages.

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