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In its final episode of 2019—and the decade, for that matter—Riverdale forgoes another seasonally-appropriate holiday episode and instead delivers a midseason finale largely concerned with moving on. The big theme of “Tangerine” seems to be setting the past on fire (quite literally) in order to push forward, with Betty laying Dark Betty to rest, Jughead accepting his fate with the Quill And Skull society, and Cheryl finally letting go of her beloved twin’s corpse. Dial M For Maple logs on—albeit a little later than usual—to recap another ambitious episode and to try to make sense of Evelyn Evernever’s deranged hypnotism scheme. Elsewhere, hosts Marah and Cameron introduce a new theory that makes Principal Honey seem even shadier, and the two cast their doubts on the arrival of Archie’s apparently forgotten uncle. Plus, we try to sum up Varsity Blues, and a Cole Sprouse-Adam Sandler reunion sends us on a trip down memory lane.

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