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Ichirō Yashida

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Who he is: Ichirō Yashida

His power: Ichirō Yashida has no superpowers, but he does have a big Iron Man-like mechanical samurai battle suit.


His story: Ichirō Yashida was a Japanese soldier saved by Logan when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, and he repays Logan’s kindness by trying to steal his healing ability decades later in The Wolverine. The dying Yashida invites Logan to Japan and offers him the chance for an honorable death by transferring his healing factor to another person (specifically Yashida), and when Logan refuses, Yashida hatches a plot to put Logan in a position where his powers can be forcefully taken. Yashida fakes his death and puts his granddaughter Mariko’s life in danger by passing on all his wealth to her, compelling Logan to protect her when various enemies make their move. Yashida lures Wolverine to him by kidnapping Mariko, and, working with Viper and Kenuichio Harada’s Black Clan, Yashida is able to incapacitate Logan and begin the healing-factor transfer. Kept alive by his Silver Samurai adamantium battle suit, Yashida begins to get younger as the healing factor kicks in, but he’s stopped by Mariko’s interference. Yashida and Wolverine face off in battle, but Yashida eventually succumbs to his one-time savior, getting stabbed with Logan’s bone claws and thrown into a river, where he’s swept away to his dishonorable death.

Played by: Ken Yamamura (young) and Hal Yamanouchi (old)

Currently, Ichirō Yashida is: The timeline changes of X-Men: Days Of Future Past erase Yashida’s death from continuity, but the World War II events of The Wolverine still occurred, so he’s probably amassing his fortune as a corporate mogul in ’80s Japan.


Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Yashida to make any future appearances in the XMU.

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