Brett Dalton as Hive (Photo: ABC/Marvel)

Who he is: Hive, a.k.a. Grant Ward

His power: The very first Inhuman, Hive is a parasitic life form capable of either inhabiting human host bodies or consuming them for their life force. He has the power to control minds of both humans and Inhumans, and can regenerate his own form. He also has superhuman strength, along with the skills and intellectual powers made up of every host body he’s possessed.


His story: When the Kree first came to Earth, Hive was the result of their initial experiment with mixing Kree DNA and human beings. However, he was so powerful, Hive was banished through a portal to a distant alien planet, where he resided for thousands of years. He was kept alive by Hydra, who sent through periodic host bodies for Hive to inhabit, as well as other expeditions containing humans for him to consume. Eventually, as seen on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hive took control of the corpse of Grant Ward after he was killed by Phil Coulson when they traveled through the portal, and returned to Earth. He was found and cared for by Gideon Malick, who helped him regain his strength and powers, and Hive soon initiated a plan to kill off humanity, while transforming the remaining Inhumans into their powered selves. He was defeated by S.H.I.E.L.D. when Lincoln Campbell launched them both into space along with a nuclear weapon, killing them both.

Played by: Brett Dalton

Currently, Hive is: Floating through space in a billion or so scattered particles.


Where will we see him next? Hive seems awfully dead.