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High school rivalries heat up when Riverdale gets the Varsity Blues

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It’s January, and football season is over for most high schools, but not Riverdale, which kicks off 2020 with “the big game” against the Stonewall Stallions. The rivalry brings season four back into focus after the holiday break, and thankfully lets the teens again worry about typical high school things, like college applications, frustrating coaches, and bringing down your father’s rum empire by creating a new rum brand of your own. Yeah, just normal teen stuff! Dial M For Maple is back with its game face on, recapping “Varsity Blues,” and punting some new theories about Principal Honey and shifty Uncle Frank. Hosts Marah and Cameron discuss their favorite school sports movies and ponder why cheerleading seems to be the hot new trend in television this year. And, in “The Blue & Gold,” we review Charles Melton’s appearance in Bad Boys For Life, and we share our excitement for the Riverdale-verse’s upcoming Katy Keene series.

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