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All images: DC Comics

If Grant Morrison is writing a DC Comic, you can expect it to venture into the Multiverse. His wild run on The Green Lantern with artist Liam Sharp, colorist Steve Oliff, and letterer Tom Orzechowski is only getting bigger as it heads to its conclusion with issue #12, teaming Hal Jordan with a group of Green Lanterns from alternate Earths to take out a shared enemy. This exclusive preview of next week’s The Green Lantern #10 introduces some of Hal’s new comrades, and with each jump to a new Earth, the creative team gets to switch up the storytelling style. So much of this book’s excitement comes from seeing which fantastic new ideas these artists will bring to life, and the Multiversal concept of this storyline means that each page brings new wonders.

Last week’s The Green Lantern Annual didn’t have Sharp on art duties, and it highlighted just how much Sharp brings to this series with his bold layouts and meticulous rendering. This preview starts simply enough with the Green Lantern of Earth-36 flying through space, but the second page marks a complete shift as Sharp brings in a psychedelic page design that changes Oliff and Orzechowski’s approach to colors and letters. From there we get a Batman Green Lantern ambush a shark in a tuxedo and then Hal Jordan and Abin Sur fighting the Anti-Man at the center of all this mess, and the entire issue has the breakneck pace of this excerpt as the heroes rush into action.


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