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Illustration for article titled iGuardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2/i (2017)

Release Date: May 5, 2017

The story: After Rocket decides to unwisely steal some batteries from a race of superior (or at least they believe themselves to be) beings called The Sovereign, they’re saved by someone named Ego, who just so happens to be Peter Quill’s father. While they hide from the Sovereign on the Living Planet that is a manifestation of his powers (with his body hidden inside it), the Ravagers return to try and recapture the Guardians, who have also taken Nebula as part of a plan to get the ransom out on her. Instead, the Ravagers mutiny against Yondu, and grant Nebula a ship to confront her sister. However, Nebula and Gamora make up, just in time to confront the discovery that Ego intends to bend the galaxy to his will, killing every other living being in the process, including Peter’s friends. They all join forces—even Yondu and Nebula, along with Ego’s slave/aide, Mantis—to stop him, eventually succeeding in killing Ego and escaping, though Yondu sacrifices his life for them in the process.


Who appears:

Peter Quill/Star-Lord
Drax The Destroyer
Rocket Raccoon
Yondu Udonta


Noteworthy events: Yondu Udonta dies. Nebula leaves to hunt her father, Thanos. Baby Groot becomes sullen teenager Groot by the end. Oh, and the Sovereign may have created Adam Warlock, a famous Marvel comics character who will likely show up in the future.

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