Michael Shannon as General Zod in Man Of Steel (2013)

Who he is: General Zod, a.k.a. Dru-Zod

His power: Zod is a Kryptonian, capable of channeling the energy of a yellow sun into powers like flight, heat vision, superstrength, and invulnerability. He’s also a veteran soldier, with access to high-level technology, including his flagship, the Black Zero.


His story: The leader of Krypton’s military forces, Zod first appears while launching a coup against the planet’s conservative council at the beginning of Man Of Steel. The general is eventually defeated and consigned with his followers—including Faora Hu-Ul—to the Phantom Zone, but not before killing his former friend, the scientist Jor-El. After the planet’s destruction, Zod and his team are freed to roam the galaxy, eventually making their way to Earth, where Zod clashes with Jor-El’s son, Kal-El, for control of the Kryptonian genetic legacy. Initially attempting to terraform the planet into a new version of his homeworld, Zod goes berserk when his flagship is sent back into the Phantom Zone, stranding him on Earth. When he pledges to kill every human being on the planet, launching a battle that destroys much of Metropolis, Kal-El is forced to kill him, snapping his neck. His body is later acquired by Lex Luthor, who uses it as a template for the monstrous Doomsday.

Played by: Michael Shannon

Currently, General Zod is: Dead twice over, which is pretty dead, even for comics.

Where will we see him next? Zod’s dead, baby.