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Gene Luen Yang takes over The Terrifics in this exclusive preview

All images: DC Comics

Gene Luen Yang replacing writer Jeff Lemire is a surprising twist for The Terrifics, a book that could have easily died with the departure of its key creator. After the conclusion of The Silencer in June, The Terrifics will be the last surviving series of DC’s “New Age of Heroes” initiative, launching “artist-driven” titles starring new characters who were basically analogues for Marvel characters like the Punisher, Hulk, and Ghost Rider. The Terrifics is DC’s response to the Fantastic Four, with Lemire embracing the idea of family to build a compelling superhero team.


Yang did phenomenal work creating a new superhero ensemble in the pages of New Super-Man And The Justice League Of China, establishing a tight-knit group dynamic that is exactly what The Terrifics needs to succeed. He’s an inspired choice to take over for Lemire, joined by artist Stephen Segovia, colorist Protobunker, and letterer Tom Napolitano to continue fleshing out this Marvel pastiche. Lemire left Yang with a rich new dynamic to explore by adding the alternate-universe version of Mr. Terrific’s wife to the title, reinforcing the Fantastic 4 connection with spouses leading the team. This exclusive preview of this week’s The Terrifics #15 begins with Michael and Paula Holt going on a date, exploring the challenges of reconnecting with someone who is and isn’t your dead spouse.

Segovia and Protobunker’s visuals add warmth and intimacy to their date, bringing the couple closer and closer together in the frame until their date night is interrupted by an explosion of superhero action. Evan “Doc” Shaner’s cover is a fun jab at the opening pages of Brian Michael Bendis’ Action Comics issues, setting a playful tone that continues throughout the issue. One of Yang’s biggest strengths as a superhero writer is that he always remember to find moments of fun and humor that make the reader want to spend more time with these characters, giving The Terrifics an exuberant energy as it heads into the future.

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