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The Pick A Choice deck is not an immutable authority. Players are free to interpret its whims as they please. Jo Firestone—the indefatigable Brooklyn comic who boasts some game show hosting experience of her own—took full advantage of that flexibility to play a wild card in a way that our host had never seen before. And that was just one of the delightful choices picked by one of our favorite contestants ever.

In each round of Pick A Choice, our guest draws two cards from a deck filled with famous names (both real and fictional) and one card from a deck of scenarios. Then it’s time for the guest to decide who they’d rather pick in the given scenario. For instance, would Nichelle Nichols or Pikachu be a better choice to pop your dislocated shoulder back into place?

If you haven’t seen previous installments of Pick A Choice, that can be remedied.


This episode of Pick A Choice is sponsored by Don Q, the UnQuestionable rum.

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