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Faora Hu-Ul

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Who she is: Faora Hu-Ul

Her power: Faora is a Kryptonian whose body can store and use the energy of the yellow sun to give her a variety of abilities, including super-speed, enhanced durability, and superstrength. As a newcomer to Earth, Faora has yet to master heat vision or flight, but she’s equipped with a suit of advanced Kryptonian armor.


Her story: Introduced in Man Of Steel, Faora Hu-Ul is a lieutenant of the mutinous General Zod and assists him in his attempt to launch a coup on the planet Krypton. Repelled by the planet’s council, she is placed in the Phantom Zone, only to escape years after Krypton’s destruction and make her way with her general to Earth. There, she captures Kal-El, the son of the Kryptonian scientist Jor-El, and brings him to Zod. She later battles the combined forces of Superman and the U.S. military (including a near-miss with Col. Nathan Hardy) and is ultimately banished back to the Phantom Zone when Kal-El’s scout craft is repurposed as a weapon and used to attack Zod’s ship.

Played by: Antje Traue

Currently, Faora Hu-Ul is: Floating through space, giving growling speeches about death.


Where will we see her next: Given that Zod is dead, there are no plans at present to bring Faora and the rest of his army back.

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