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Eric Savin

James Badge Dale as Eric Savin in Iron Man 3

Who he is: Eric Savin

His power: Injected with the Extremis formula, Savin has the ability to regrow damaged or severed body parts, as well as superheat his body to extremely (Extremis-ly?) high temperatures—hot enough to melt metal.

His story: Savin is depicted in Iron Man 3 as Aldrich Killian’s main henchman. He accompanies the businessman most places but is also quickly shown to be distributing lethal (and explosive) doses of Extremis to a former soldier, a move that puts Happy Hogan in the hospital and leads Tony Stark to bait The Mandarin into attacking his home. Savin then tracks down Stark in Tennessee, though Stark slows him down by shooting him in the face, which is quickly healed. Savin soon thereafter captures Stark, knocking him out after Stark discovers the truth about The Mandarin’s identity.

After War Machine (temporarily rebranded “Iron Patriot”) is captured by Killian, Savin takes control of the suit and uses it to infiltrate Air Force One and kidnap the president. However, after Savin attempts to blow up the plane following the extraction of President Ellis, the Iron Man suit (controlled remotely by Stark) blasts a hole through his chest, annihilating his heart before it could regenerate. “Hole in one!” said Tony Stark at no point.

Played by: James Badge Dale

Currently, Eric Savin is: In lots of tiny pieces, just like the former Air Force One.


Where will we see him next? Nowhere, most likely. R.I.P., Eric Savin.

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