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Cara Delevingne as Enchantress in Suicide Squad (2016)
Cara Delevingne as Enchantress in Suicide Squad (2016)

Who she is: Enchantress, a.k.a. June Moone

Her power: Enchantress can manipulate magical energy in a variety of ways. She can teleport, heal herself and others, wield the energy as a weapon, and use it to give herself enhanced abilities. It’s essentially one of those “magic” powers that can be a lot of different things, depending on what the story requires.


Her story: Enchantress has a rather convoluted story in Suicide Squad, but here’s the gist: Archaeologist Dr. June Moone is on a dig when she uncovers a totem, unleashing the contained spirit of Enchantress, an ancient mystical sorceress with supernatural powers. The being possesses Moone, but only for limited periods, when Moone summons her. However, she’s controlled by Amanda Waller, who keeps the sorceress’ ancient heart under lock as a safeguard. Moone becomes romantically involved with Col. Rick Flag, which is why he joins Task Force X, in order to keep her safe. However, during a mission she goes rogue, freeing her brother and stealing her heart back from Waller. The siblings then plan to destroy the world, turning the inhabitants of Midway City into monsters in the process. However, Enchantress’ brother is killed, and she’s defeated by the team, with Rick Flag crushing Enchantress’ heart and restoring Dr. Moone to her body.

Played by: Cara Delevingne

Currently, Enchantress is: R.I.P., though who knows if that’ll take.

Where will we see her next: Nowhere.

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