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Ellen Brandt

Stephanie Szostak as Ellen Brandt in Iron Man 3

Who she is: Ellen Brandt

Her power: As one of those infected with Extremis, Brandt has the ability to superheat herself to incredibly high temperatures, as well as regrow any injured body parts.


Her story: Brandt is shown in Iron Man 3 as one of the combat veterans used as test subjects for the Extremis project, thanks to having lost her arm in battle. She goes to work for Killian after successfully joining Extremis and is sent to retrieve files kept by the mother of a deceased Extremis soldier. However, when Tony Stark gets there first, she quickly attacks, murdering numerous innocent people in the process. However, Stark eventually sets a trap in the back of a restuarant, blowing her up using gas and a microwave. We last see her body lifeless, splayed atop some active power lines.

Played by: Stephanie Szostak

Currently, Ellen Brandt is: R.I.P.

Where will we see her next? We won’t.

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