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Earth has six days to survive in this exclusive preview of TKO’s The Pull

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Image: TKO Studios

After a summer largely devoid of big-screen action blockbusters, there’s a hunger for stories that deliver large-scale spectacle with world-shattering stakes. Comic books are here to fill the void, and TKO Studios’ upcoming The Pull tells an exhilarating tale of a future Earth on the verge of annihilation and the superpowered soldiers who have six days to stop it. Written by Steve Orlando with art by Ricardo López Ortiz, colorist Triona Farrell, and letterer Thomas Mauer, The Pull continues TKO’s expansion into different genres, delivering sci-fi action with a strong manga influence in the visuals.


Orlando spent the last few years rising up the ranks at DC Comics, but he continued to put out original works during that time, venturing outside the superhero genre while working with talented artists like Garry Brown and Jakub Rebelka. The Pull has him collaborating with Ortiz, a hyperkinetic artist who infuses action scenes with thrilling energy and draws characters bursting with personality. We have an exclusive first look at the covers for all six issues and the box set of The Pull as well as the story’s first six pages, introducing readers to Brenton Demm, a headstrong Horizon Officer who makes a potentially disastrous decision when he goes after his insane father-in-law.

The Pull gives Ortiz the opportunity to build a fantastic environment from the ground up, allowing him to embrace the full scope of his imagination. These pages are full of energy and style, showcasing how well Ortiz handles both bombastic action beats and more atmospheric, creepy horror scenes. The Horizon Officer uniforms have a sleek, authoritative look, while members of the death cult wear helmets that evoke both bullets and tin foil hats, blending aggression and paranoia in a single design element. Farrell’s colors pair beautifully with Ortiz’s linework, adding texture while setting the mood with expressive palettes. The covers promise that this story will be going to some extreme places over its six issues, and readers desperate for a massive action spectacular can pre-order The Pull now as either a six-issue box set or trade paperback collection.