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Who she is: Dr. Kavita Rao

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Her power: She has no superpowers, but her enormous intellect allows her to make a huge genetic breakthrough.


Her story: Dr. Kavita Rao is responsible for finding the mutant cure that sparks a massive conflict between mutants and humans in X-Men: The Last Stand. Working with Worthington Labs, Dr. Rao develops a cure using the DNA of a young mutant, Jimmy, whose mutation allows him to negate the X-gene of any mutant in close proximity, but there’s doesn’t appear to be any malevolence driving her medical breakthrough. The film doesn’t provide any concrete motivation for Dr. Rao’s research, but given her compassionate demeanor, it looks like Dr. Rao really just wants to help people that wish they weren’t mutants. Unfortunately for her, there are mutants out there that don’t think they’re a disease that needs to be cured, and they’re the mutants that kill her during their assault on Worthington Labs. Dr. Rao’s death is murder by hug, as Kid Omega sends his sharp quills shooting into Dr. Rao’s flesh when she thinks he’s offering comfort in the middle of the chaos.

Played by: Shohreh Aghdashloo

Currently, Dr. Kavita Rao is: She’s alive in the new timeline created by ­X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and with X-Men: Apocalypse leaving the XMU in the ’80s, Kavita Rao is probably just starting her professional career as a doctor.


Where will we see her next? There are no plans for Dr. Kavita Rao to appear in any forthcoming X-films, and given Bryan Singer’s efforts to wipe X-Men: The Last Stand from XMU continuity, she’s probably not going to show up any time soon.

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