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Who he is: Dopinder

His power: He has none.

His story: Dopinder is the unlucky cabbie who picks up Deadpool at the start of his self-titled solo film, and while Dopinder doesn’t get any of the $27.50 he’s owed for the ride, he does get a high-five and the inspiration to be more reckless in life. When Deadpool calls on Dopinder’s services later in the film, the cabbie has abducted his own cousin, Bandhu, and thrown him in the trunk of his taxi for stealing his girl. This brazen behavior affects Deadpool when he leaves his backpack full of ammo in the cab. Dopinder is unable to return because he gets rear-ended on the road, and the car accident reveals the body in the trunk, leaving him totally screwed because he listened to a maniac mercenary.


Played by: Karan Soni

Currently, Dopinder is: Probably serving time for beating up his cousin and throwing him in the trunk. Family reunions are going to be awkward.

Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Dopinder to reappear in future films, but Deadpool knows who to call if he needs a ride anywhere in Deadpool 2.

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