Doomsday in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Who he is: Doomsday

His power: Super strength, super speed, relative invulnerability, limited flight/super jumping, face lasers, ability to absorb explosions and generate massive energy shockwaves, and ability to shed skin or limbs and generate bony spikes.


His story: An abomination created by illegal Kryptonian genetic manipulation technology in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Doomsday was born when Lex Luthor used a machine called the Genesis Chamber on General Zod’s corpse and tossed in a sprinkle of his own blood for good measure. Doomsday immediately tried to kill Luthor before Superman interrupted his punching with some punching of his own, and the two of them battled across Metropolis until Batman showed up and lured Doomsday to Gotham—where the kryptonite spear used in the eponymous Superman/Batman battle had been dropped. Wonder Woman arrived to save Batman’s butt, and the two of them teamed up with Superman to beat the spikes out of Luthor’s monstrosity. With one last push, Superman heroically stabbed the kryptonite right into Doomsday’s chest, killing them both in the process—more or less.

Played by: Mostly computer-generated magic, though voice actor Robin Atkin Downes apparently performed his grunts and growls.


Currently, Doomsday is: Dead, as far as anyone knows.

Where will we see him next? We probably won’t.