Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce in Logan (2017)

Who he is: Donald Pierce, leader of the Reavers

His power: Pierce is a highly trained mercenary with very little in the way of scruples. He also possesses a mechanical arm that seems stronger than the standard-issue flesh-and-blood model.


His story: The head of security for the shadowy Transigen project (under Zander Rice), Pierce is tasked in Logan with recovering fugitive test subject X-23 from Wolverine, the man she was cloned from. Despite his being a vocal “fan” of Logan, his task inevitably ends in violence; despite Pierce’s skills and highly trained crew, it also inevitably ends in his brutal death at the hands of the mutant children he hoped to recapture.

Played by: Boyd Holbrook

Currently, Donald Pierce is: Dead in 2029, presumably a dangerous operative some time in the past.


Where will we see him next? You can never say never with X-Men characters. That being said: probably never.