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Doctor Poison

Photo: Warner Bros./Ratpac Entertainment
Photo: Warner Bros./Ratpac Entertainment

Who she is: Doctor Poison, a.k.a Dr. Isabel Maru

Her power: She doesn’t have any superpowers, but she’s a valuable asset for the German army thanks to her expertise in chemistry and amoral nature.

Her story: Recruited by General Erich Ludendorff to create chemical weapons for the German army during World War I, Dr. Poison is a megalomaniacal mad scientist who wears a ceramic mask to cover a disfigurement on one side of her face. At the beginning of Wonder Woman, Dr. Poison is scrambling to create a poison powerful enough to melt gas masks, believing that this weapon would be able to end the war—and bring her the glory and fame she craves in the process. Her efforts are initially thwarted when Steve Trevor steals her notebook during an undercover mission, but eventually she is able to create her poison gas just in time to kill several thousand civilians before an armistice is reached. The Dr. Poison who appears in Wonder Woman is distilled from two separate supervillains from Wonder Woman comics lore, and given a new first name.

Played by: Elena Anaya

Currently, Dr. Poison is: M.I.A. Diana rejects Ares’ offer to kill Dr. Maru as revenge for her part in the death of countless civilians, and the not-so-good doctor wisely scurries away during the chaotic battle that follows.


Where will we see her next: Yet to be determined. We may not see her again at all, depending on how far Wonder Woman 2 leaps into the future.

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