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Erik LaRay Harvey as Diamondback on Luke Cage

Who he is: Diamondback, a.k.a. Willis Stryker

His power: Stryker is an expert marksman with normal human capabilities (for now). However, he also has access to Hammer Industries’ armaments, which grant him superhuman capabilities, including a gauntlet that gives him enhanced strength, a damage-resistant battle suit, and bullets capable of piercing superhumanly strong skin.


His story: The illegitimate son of Savannah preacher James Lucas, Willis Stryker grew up in the shadow of his friend and secret half-brother, Carl. Despite his resentment, he often stuck up for Carl, training him to fight, but the two were eventually separated after being arrested for stealing a car for a joyride. Lucas used his influence to have Carl sent to the Marines instead of jail, but Willis was shuffled off to juvenile detention. Within days, he committed his first murder in self-defense and later learned that his mother, a secretary at Lucas’ church, had died of cancer while he was locked away. Heart turned to revenge, he framed Carl—now a police officer—for a crime he didn’t commit, causing him to be sent to Seagate Prison.

Now a ruthless gunrunner styling himself “Diamondback” and responsible for supplying Hammer Industries’ weapons to Harlem through his subordinate Shades, Stryker reappears after the death of Cottonmouth, taking the opportunity to kill Carl—now calling himself Luke Cage—once and for all. Armed with Judas Bullets infused with Chitauri metal and capable of piercing Cage’s superhumanly durable skin, he begins a campaign of terror against his half-brother, nearly killing him and discrediting his good name. At the same time, he establishes control over the neighborhood, killing crime bosses and forcing others, like Mariah Dillard, to submit to him. His actions—including a hostage crisis at Dillard’s club and several murders meant to frame Cage—eventually alienate him from Dillard and Shades, who go to Cage for help. Diamondback follows them, armed with a Hammer Industries battle suit and a gauntlet that massively increases his strength. Cage and Stryker battle it out in the streets, with Cage eventually using his half-brother’s own boxing lessons against him to win. Badly beaten, Stryker is arrested; he is last seen in the company of Dr. Noah Burstein, the man who first gave Cage his powers.

Played by: Erik LaRay Harvey (present day) and Jared Kemp (young)

Currently, Diamondback is: In jail, possibly being subjected to the same experiments that made Luke Cage both durable and super strong.


Where will we see him next? Luke Cage season two, almost certainly.

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