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Dial M For Maple checks in on Katy Keene, an escapist romp to cure your quarantine blues

Illustration for article titled iDial M For Maple /ichecks in oni Katy Keene/i, an escapist romp to cure your quarantine blues
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Since Riverdale put a bow on the mystery of Jughead’s faux murder and went on a mini-hiatus, the whole world has changed. And while the situation is dark (like, “Riverdale dark”—remember when the town went under quarantine?), it’s important to find moments of levity and happy distractions to keep your mind off the doom and gloom. That’s why there’s no better time to catch up on The CW’s other “Archie-verse” series, Katy Keene, a pure escapist delight. Now that it’s aired the first eight episode of its inaugural season, our podcast Dial M For Maple decided to check in with the “high-fashion fairytale” to see what its cast of big-dreaming characters has been up to. Hosts Marah and Cameron weigh in on what makes the series so special, from its colorful view of the world, to its queer-friendly stories, to its guest roles for icons like Bernadette Peters and Shangela. Truly, its a blast. And then, in the latest edition of “The Blue & Gold,” we ponder what kind of impact the coronavirus-related delays will have on the current seasons of Riverdale, Katy Keene, and beyond.

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Marah Eakin is the Executive Producer of all A.V. Club Video And Podcasts. She is also a Cleveland native and heiress to the country's largest collection of antique and unique bedpans and urinals.

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