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Dexter Tolliver

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

Who he is: Dexter Tolliver, a high-ranking government official

His power: No superpowers, but he probably gets all of the usual benefits of being a high-ranking government official, like special parking privileges and a nice retirement package. He’s also totally chill.


His story: As seen in Suicide Squad, Tolliver is a government official who listens to Amanda Waller’s pitch for the creation of Task Force X. Though he’s initially unimpressed, Waller eventually convinces Tolliver that a team of superpowered jerks who can take down other superpowered jerks is a good idea. A dedicated patriot, Tolliver supports the Task Force X plan because he believes it’s the best way to protect the country, and he ends up being one of Waller’s biggest supporters—especially once Enchantress is unleashed and he witnesses just how destructive a rogue superperson can be.

Played by: David Harbour

Currently, Tolliver is: Lounging in his chair, doing government stuff.

Where will we see him next? Unknown, but maybe he’ll pop up in the eventual Suicide Squad sequel.

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