Joe Manganiello in Magic Mike XXL, since his debut as Deathstroke hasn't happened yet

Who he is: Deathstroke The Terminator, a.k.a. Slade Wilson

His power: Traditionally, Slade has accelerated healing and bit of superstrength, in addition to his being a master tactician and marksman. He also only has one eye, but he’s such a badass that he advertises that with his trademark two-tone mask.


His story: Slade has yet to make his debut, but he’ll most likely be a professional assassin tasked with killing Batman. Beyond that, it’s hard to say.

Played by: Joe Manganiello

Currently, Deathstroke is: Patiently waiting for his chance to kill Batman and make his big-screen debut.


Where will we see him next? In The Batman, which will most likely premiere in 2018.